Syndic Mandat

Syndic Mandat

In order to improve the relationship between the Syndic and the co-owners, we have put in place a mandatory standard contract.

It fixes the services that are included in the lump sum price of the Syndic’s intervention and lists those that can be remunerated in addition. This model agreement is necessary for all new trustee contracts and for the renewal of contracts concluded since 1 July 2017. The standard contract shall be drawn up using characters at least 10 in height so that all points can be easily read.

It contains some of the following elements but not limited to.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Reminder of the Syndic’s mission;
  • Duration of contract (maximum 3 years);
  • Regulations respecting the revocation, resignation and appointment of a new Syndic;

The amount of the fixed remuneration

  • The flat rate includes all the interventions of the syndic in the framework of his obligations: visits and periodic checks depending on his mission of preservation and management of the “Syndicat”;
  • The contract determines the number of visits and their minimum duration, as well as the times when the Syndic can be contacted at no additional cost;
  • Do not give rise to additional remuneration claims and compensation management, when the problem comes from the common parts;
  • The duration of the general meeting. There may be added the organization of additional meetings and their duration as well as meetings with the “Conseil Syndical”;
  • The amount of the flat rate is indicated inclusive of Taxes and the methods of remuneration are specified.

Remuneration for particular services

  • Additional tariffs are fixed either at a fixed hourly rate or at an agreed price depending on the intervention;
  • Additional visits and meetings;
  • Amendments to the co-ownership regulations and the descriptive statement of division;
  • Administrative and material management of a claim;
  • Interventions outside the working days and hours required by the emergency are invoiced;
  • Work other than maintenance or routine maintenance, diagnoses or technical studies;
  • Necessary intervention during a dispute (formal notice, constitution and follow-up of litigation files). Please note: Some costs are borne by the co-owners only: collection costs, transfers, supply of certain documents such as a copy of the maintenance book;
  • The shipping costs of the documents are reimbursed to the trustee.