Syndic Role

Syndic Role

Discover the different missions of the syndic.

The role of the syndic

The Act governing co-ownership define the role of the syndic and sets out its main responsibilities:

  • He enforces the by-law of the co-ownership and ensures the proper execution of the decisions of the general assembly;
  • He administers the building(s), common area(s), provides for its maintenance, its custody, and may take the initiative to undertake urgent work;
  • It represents the “Syndicat” of co-owners in all civil acts (such as buying or selling common area(s)) and in court;
  • It is solely responsible for its management and cannot be substituted. In addition, he shall convene the general meetings and ensure that they run smoothly, keep accounts of the “Syndicat” and report on its management to the general assembly (leaving at the disposal of the latter the supporting documents), establish the budgets forecasting, collects expenses, manages the staff employed by the “Syndicat”, keeps up-to-date the list of co-owners, keeps the archives of the ‘Syndicat” and takes care of the insurances of the building.

It is the general assembly of the co-owners who chooses it by an absolute majority of all co-owners (Article 664-35 of the Civil Code). The assembly itself fixes the duration of the mandate which cannot exceed 3 years (article 664-55 of the Civil Code). Upon maturity, the meeting may renew the term of its Syndic or choose a new one.