Our Figures


units under
co ownership


per week (minimum)

1 group

3 people (operations, administration, accounting)
manage up to 12 clients daily

Syndic Solutions

iliad Immobilier develops innovative offers that enable its co-owner customers to benefit from solutions that combine cost control and asset conservation.

A team dedicated to co-ownership

A manager, an accountant and an assistant, regularly trained in the new regulations, are responsible for the building and ensure its administration and maintenance.

A daily accompaniment

We accomplish on behalf of the co-owner, all the steps of management:

  • the current administration: general meetings, calls and collections of the loads, management of the expenditure, obligatory diagnosis...
  • the management of the contingencies: disorders of life, procedures, disasters...
  • the follow-up and the optimization of the contracts with the suppliers and service providers of the co-ownership.

The regular visits of the building organized with the trade-union council are the subject of reports systematically diffused with the whole of the joint owners.

Cost control and negotiating power

In anticipation of the work required to enhance the value of the property, to optimize its operating costs and to renovate its energy efficiency, we carry out invitations to tender and negotiate contracts at the best possible price.

A transparent management

iliad Immobilier prepares with the union council all the decisions submitted to the vote during the general assemblies. Each co-owner has access to the "My property" folder containing the documents relating to his building. He has access to the management information, on our space Myiliad.